About Art Gallery Fabrics

Creativity, beauty and design are our passions here at AGF. When it comes to design, we love to create fabrics that fit a modern lifestyle with a chick, sophisticated touch. Enticing color palettes and artful, intricate prints are what make our collections one of a kind. We are often described as the most “trendsetting” fabric company these days for always keeping originality and uniqueness on the top of our list.


About Us

The quintessential american fabric has been reinvented so once more you can “Feel the Difference”. THE DENIM STUDIO by AGF, our new series of premium substrates, brings you a whole new approach to create your projects. An array of prints and textures on trendy colors are ideal for quilting, apparel, home decor and accessories. Mix and match to suit your taste!

The Denim Studio by AGF

Composition: 100% Cotton | Width: 58-59" | Weight: 4.5oz/sqm
15 designs with classic denim blue background with color and designs printed on them. We included a mix of painterly and playful floral designs with geometric and texturized graphics in tonal shades to create more depth in your projects.


Composition: 100% Cotton | Width: 58-59" | Weight: 4.5oz/sqm
This 100% cotton substrate is the base fabric for our denim prints. You cannot go wrong with the classic denim blue! It is light-weight, making it perfect for sewing garments or even quilting.


Composition: 100% Cotton | Width: 58-59" | Weight: 10oz/sqm
The classics of the group made with 100% cotton, medium weight, in four different shades created to bring more structure to your garments and for all your other sewing projects.


Composition: 100% Cotton | Width: 57" | Weight: 10oz/sqm
An edgier version of our textured denims, also medium weight, with a mixture of tactile and visual textures.


Composition: 80% Cotton 20% Polyester | Width: 58-59" | Weight: 4.5oz/sqm
With the same weight as our regular quilting cotton, it seems that they are made for each other. Our smooth denim has a soft butterfly feel perfect for quilts, bags and light garments.


Composition: 100% Cotton | Width: 56-57" | Weight: 123g/sqm
This 100% cotton substrate is delicate and lovable, with a similar look and feel of chambray, which makes it ideal for garment-making.


Composition: 45% Cotton 55% Linen | Width: 56-57" | Weight: 220g/sqm
Introducing our Linen-cotton blend in a natural colors. Our blend is breathable and look great when tailored.


Composition: 65% Cotton 34% Polyester 1% Spandex | Width: 57" | Weight: 5oz/sqm
Being almost as light as our regular denim, and with 1% spandex, our streaked blend provides a slight stretch and beautiful textures making it incredibly versatile.


Composition: 100% Cotton | Width: 57" | Weight: 4oz/sqm
Featuring blues, pink and even white, this new substrate is sure to bring a unique twist to your projects!

  Here at The Denim Studio, we believe in the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words." But we also believe that a video can leave you speechless. Watch our videos to get a taste of what we do

What is AGF?
AGF is short for Art Gallery Fabrics. We are a leading Manufacturer of Quilting & Sewing Textiles located in Davie, Florida.

Where can I buy your fabrics?
There are many ways to buy our fabrics! You can visit our main website and click on the "Where to Buy" link. tab on the menu and choose whether you prefer a list of online stores or find a store in your area.

Do I need to know anything about your denim?
Denim is known to rub off on skin or other surfaces, the term for this is CROCKING, and it happens naturally with all indigo dyes. There might be some bleeding on the first few washes, so make sure you advise your customers to wash them separately with cold water and a mild soap.
The Denim Studio by AGF Logo

Where are Art Gallery's fabrics printed??
Art Gallery's fabrics are printed at our overseas printing mills in Korea and China.

Can I purchase fabric directly from Art Gallery Fabrics?
Art Gallery Fabrics is a manufacturer and we only sell wholesale to quilting and fabric shops, online shops, and manufacturers worldwide.

How often do you introduce new products? How can I find out?
We are constantly creating new fabric lines and patterns that are being introduced at Quilt Market (trade) shows. You can refer to our main page for the latest product releases or browse around and look for products and collections labeled "New".

Can I design and sell any products made with your fabrics?
Definitely! We'll are more than happy that you use our fabrics on any product or project. We do, however, appreciate recognition and would like if you mention our company's name on your pattern, book or project. However, you cannot sell finished products made from our patterns.

Can I reproduce your fabric's artwork on other items?
No, you cannot reproduce our designs/artwork in any way, shape, or form. The artwork on the fabrics is protected by copyright.

How do I submit designs to Art Gallery?
If you wish to submit your designs to Art Gallery, please send them via mail or email. If mailing, please do NOT send original artwork, as it will not be returned. Please allow up to … days for an email response. Please send your designs with a subject line "Design Submission" via email to: If you prefer to mail copies of your artwork, please send to: Art Gallery Fabrics | 299 N Bryan Road
Dania Beach, FL, 33004

Can I use Art Gallery's logo on my products?
No. Our logo cannot be reproduced on any product. If you are using our fabrics to make or manufacture products, using your brand name would be the very best way to go.

Do you have free patterns I can make?
Of course! We are always creating and designing projects especially made for you! So take a look at our "Free Patterns" tab on the menu for a selection of patterns we have available, from quilting to sewing, and don't forget to check back for new pattern releases with every new collection.

If I design sewing patterns or sewing books, can I use Art Gallery's fabrics?
Of course! It would be an absolute pleasure for you to use our fabrics in your patterns or in an editorial project! Just as a courtesy, if you could kindly mention us in your book that you used our fabrics, that would be very much appreciated!

Can I use Art Gallery's fabrics to make projects to sell or use in manufacturing finished goods?
Definitely! We'll be more than happy that you use our fabrics on any of your products! Again, if you can just mention us or the designer, that would be gladly appreciated.

Can I sell products made from your patterns?
No. Our pattern copyright states the following: © Copyright 2016 Art Gallery Quilts, LLC. No part of this product may be reproduced in any form unless otherwise stated. These designs are not intended for commercial use and any projects made with them cannot be put for sale.

How can I become a Art Gallery retailer?
If you would like to apply to purchase Art Gallery's fabrics wholesale, please click here and fill out the form on the page to register.

How can I gain access to the wholesale section of the Art Gallery website?
First, you must be a current Art Gallery retailer, manufacturer, or distributor to gain full access to AGF Wholesale. If you are a current customer, you can click here or you can hover over the "Where to Buy" tab and click "Wholesale."

Can I use Art Gallery's fabrics in children's wear?
Our fabrics are not flame-proof and are not intended for sleepwear. If you wish to use our fabrics as sleepwear, you must add a flame retardant finish before use.

Can I make patterns into models for my store to help sell patterns?
Of course! And we thank you for doing so!

Can I download images from Art Gallery's site to display in my store or on my website?
If you would like to use images from our site for promotional purposes, that would be great! We provide inspirational booklets that are made specifically for promoting collections. Hover over the "Inspiration" tab on the menu to access the "Booklets" section and click on your favorite collection to download the booklet and print to showcase in your shop. If you would like to use images of our designers and collections, please check in with us at for approval. We can also email you jpeg files of products and swatches if that helps.

Have any questions? Please feel free to contact us about our fabrics or call 888.420.5399